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Welcome to Fairytale Films

Hello & welcome to Fairytale Films, thank you for visiting. 

My name is Alysha & I am the face behind the lens. Fairytale Films was est. in 2017 & since then we have been apart of SO many happy ever afters.

Our films are not outsourced they are hand crafted by me to tell your story, in your own special way.

You will find me running around searching for the tears, the laughter & the love because I am a sucker for emotion & that’s what creates a beautiful love story.

We only experience a handful of once in a lifetime moments throughout our life & the truth is memories fade, but videos will last a lifetime.

Your wedding day is the one day you will have all your family & friends in the one place at the one time, we make sure we capture moments that you will cherish forever.

You won’t regret hiring a videographer.

Let’s do this, lets tell your story.