Unique Film Production

by Alysha Jones

Hello & welcome to my site, thank you for visiting. 

My name is Alysha & I am a freelance videographer based half way between Brisbane & the Gold Coast. I am a sucker for emotion & am so passionate about capturing it. Throughout our lives there are only a few once in a lifetime moments. It goes something like this, we meet someone, fall in love, get engaged, get married, have babies, maybe some more babies then live a lifetime full of love & happiness, in no particular order of course. This is where my passion comes from, those moments are rare, once in a lifetime moments & all unique in their own ways. Time goes so fast, memories fade, babies grow up & we loose loved ones (sad but true). This is why I love videoing, they last FOREVER, you get some amazing, unforgettable moments captured that can never be replaced or redone and they can be passed down generations. I may be biased but I believe video captures any moment so real & so raw, don't get me wrong though I do think photos are just as beautiful & just as important too. I'm a mum (I'm a cool mum ) , I am madly in love, I love animals, I love adventure & last but not least I do LOVE my job. Alysha xx

Our Story

I started editing for fun whilst Jake & I were travelling the world in 2015. The idea of putting together a short video of all the sights we had seen & all the fun we had in each destination meant so much to me because I knew I would always have it to look back on. I started off with a Go Pro, I-movie & the Ipad, very simple stuff. Before I knew it I grew a massive passion for videography because to me there is no better way to capture so much happiness & emotion then to capture it all on video. In January 2017 I filmed my first ever wedding & since then Fairytale Films has blossomed into something I couldn't have ever imagined.
The business name Fairytale Films came from the way I feel when I am filming, creating & viewing videos. For me personally getting to be apart of something so special & for you to be able to relive the special moments in your life really does make it feel like we live in a fairytale world.
Therefore I love to create fairytale films. 

Behind the Lens

Meet Alysha & Jake 
Our very own love story began in 2014 since then we travelled the world for 6 months, started Fairytale Films together, Bought our first home & welcomed our first baby boy Knox in November 2017.
Alysha is the primary videographer & editor whilst Jake is the second videographer & assistant when needed.
 We are very outgoing people who love adventure, we love camping nature, four wheel driving & anything outdoors. We see ourselves as very easy to get along with & always keen for a good time. 

Why Us?

Choosing a videographer is very much suited to your own style. Each videographer has their own way of doing things & If you like our style here is why you should have us be apart of your special day. We are affordable yet high quality. We want you to LOVE your film, we are in business to satisfy you & will make sure we do everything we can to deliver exactly what you picture your Fairytale Film to look like.

We live for capturing emotion, smiles, tears & pure joy on peoples faces is what we love most. With your requests & my recommendations I am confident we will be able to create your Fairytale.
Our promise to you: We promise to treat your film just like we would expect anyone to treat our own


We are South Brisbane based & cover Gold Coast to Brisbane Free of Charge but are available to travel to all destinations. 

So that is us in a little nut shell & we hope we get the chance to meet you. We love making new friends.